Diagnosis Call – Diagnose your Law Practice to see what is working & what is not working.

Diagnosis Call

Two hours to change your Law Practise's speed of growth.
Once you book your call, I do my research, so that I have a good understanding of your online presence, then it's time to get your input on the call.
On this call, (or calls, can be 2 calls of 1 hour each), we Diagnose your Practice, leveraging my 27+ years of expertise, combined with your expert knowledge.
We figure out what you are doing that is working,
We figure out what you are doing that is not working
We figure out what you are not doing but should be doing.
Then we build this into an outline of what you need to do to grow your Law Practice from where it is, to where YOU want it you be. 

These calls are just US$1,999 and come with my "Double My Fee" Guarantee.

I guarantee that you will make back Double my fee by implementing the advice I give you on this call, or I refund my fee.

Not a bad deal, if you implement the information from our call and don't make at least US$4,000 .... you get your money back.

If you like what I do, later, we can then discuss working together on as a Private Client, where I work with you, to help you get what you need done and get a major boost in profits for your Business.

Before we go any further you need to know that I can’t help everyone.
I can only be of benefit to motivated Lawyers & Attorney that are;

* Well respected in their community

* Willing to promote their Law Practice

Here is my three step process;

  1. Make your payment using the Pay button below, it is pre-filled for US$1,999.


2. Click here to Schedule a personal call and include your PayPal payment transaction ID Number.
Can’t find a suitable slot? Contact me via email and we will work out a timeslot.

3. Please fill out my Application, so that we have more information about your practice before we start the call.

That’s it, I’ll email you after I get your application and before the call.
If I have questions, I try to get them answered before the call, so that our call is about your business and I actually help you on the call.

Looking forward to Talking with you.


Eoin O’Leary