About Me

Firstly, for those that have not seen the name "Eoin" before, it is pronounced like the word “own”.

I started out in business as a Consultant back in 1994, when Internet Marketing was basically having an eMail address.

I've been a Sales and Marketing Director & Managing Director of companies and what I learned in these companies has helped me understand how difficult it can be to build a professional services business.

I've been using Google Adwords since 2002 and from studying the Google Inc. Online Training, I passed the Qualified Google Advertising Professional exam in 2009. This was renamed as "Google Partners" in 2013.

I'm am also an Author, I published my first book "Adwords "Made Easy" For Small Business Owners" in 2012, available on Amazon, in Paperback & on Amazon Kindle.

I own a Google Adwords Agency, OnePlanet Digital, but because I'm passionate about helping people, I prefer to spending my time working with Clients 1 to 1 in my consulting & Advising business.

On the personal side, I have a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do and I was a Firefighter in my hometown for three years. From my experience as a Firefighter I realised that your life can change in an instant and my attitude to like changed.

Now I help motivated Experts, Consultants, Coaches, Financial Advisors, Speakers, Counsellors, Mentors etc., generate a steady stream of profitable new business, month after month and guide them through the complex business world in the Digital age.

I also try to help my Clients live life more, by freeing up more time for them through leverage & automation.

If you are interested in learning about how to work with me, click here.


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