About Me

► Who am I?

Firstly, for those that have not seen the name "Eoin" before, it is pronounced like the word “own”.

I started out learning Internet Marketing in 1994, back when Internet Marketing was basically having an eMail address.

I've been a Sales and Marketing Director & Managing Director of companies and what I learned in these companies has helped me understand how difficult it can be to build a business and get new leads.

I've been using Google Adwords since 2002 and from studying the Google Inc. Online Training, I passed the Qualified Google Advertising Professional exam in 2009. This was renamed as "Google Partners" in 2013.

I'm am also an Author, I published my first book "Adwords "Made Easy" For Small Business Owners" in 2012, available on Amazon, in Paperback & on Amazon Kindle.

► Who do I help?

I help motivated Consultants generate a steady stream of profitable new business, month after month.
I guide them through the complex world of Digital marketing and get them new leads ... every day.

Working with me frees up more time for my Clients, so that they can work on their Business.

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