Linkedin Marketing Agency

What We Do As A Linkedin Marketing Agency

As a Linkedin Marketing Agency, we start at the beginning and make sure you have everything in place before any linkedin Marketing takes place.

A good linkedin Marketing Agency wouldn't begin until all your Assets are optimized, because everything need to look good and do it's job

Linkedin Marketing Agency Audit

First step, an Audit of your LinkedIn Profile, you are the face of the company, so you need to get it right.

We go through your LinkedIn Profile from top to bottom, finding the good & the bad, implementing what we can do and suggesting improvements to you for any private information.
We will also highlight important items that need attention.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

We will get more information from you to fully optimize your LinkedIn Profile Summary Section.

The  LinkedIn Profile Summary is one of the most important sections to get right in your LinkedIn Profile, as it helps with SEO within LinkedIn.
It is a something that many visitors to your LinkedIn Profile read.

It's All About Connections.

You can only market effectively to your connections and the more connections you have, the more your pool of potential Clients increases.
One of the primary task we have as a Linkedin Marketing Agency, is to increase your pool of potential Clients by getting you more targeted connections and ordinary connections.

Content Is King (or Queen)

The next step is to start a LinkedIn content marketing campaign. As only you know your business and your target market, we will need some input from you here, but once we have it, we will start a LinkedIn content marketing campaign to show your expertise and attract potential clients.


The next step as a Linkedin Marketing Agency is to help you convert potential clients into Clients. We do this by messaging your connections. We don't do this in any way that could be considered Spammy.

We welcome new connections and gradually send them messages, to gauge their interest.
Anyone that shows interest is highlighted and sent to you, as this is not more than a lead, this is a hot prospect.
You review the messages sent and contact the potential client.

Getting Started

We start with Set-up, which is the linkedin Marketing Agency Audit, optimizing your LinkedIn Profile and when your profile is ready, we start getting you new targeted Connections.


We charge US$1,200 to get this done for the majority of businesses, there are cases where the client has no, or a very limited LinkedIn Profile, which will cost an extra US$300

If you are already ready to get started, click on the Buy button below, or contact me to schedule a 15 minute chat.
After you purchase, you will be sent to an Online Form, to collect some details from you.
You will receive a callback within 24 hours of us receiving your contact details.

If you have no, or a very limited LinkedIn Profile, we will alert you to this BEFORE we start your Audit.

Get Set Up & Profile Optimized

Next Step ...

LinkedIn Profile Traffic Boost

The second stage of your LinkedIn Marketing strategy is to Boost traffic to it and send potential clients to it on a monthly basis.

As your Linkedin Marketing Agency, this involves firstly getting you new Connections and profile views from potential clients on an ongoing basis.
Secondly, having some unique content written for you, based on your criteria, which we will discuss before we proceed.


This is a per month cost starting at US$1,600, in advance, with discounts for 6 month & 12 month contracts.

You need to have done the Set-Up above until you can get on this programme, please contact me if you would like to talk about it.